sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010

Blue October

Not a polish post today. I want to share my favorite songs with you. Do you know Blue October? This is my favorite band ever. Like ever-ever. I was on a few concerts, which I loved. My hubby promises me, that we'll go again if there be a opportunity. Can't wait.

And now a couple of my favorite songs. First is 18th floor balcony.  O my, I love this song. It was first dance on our reception. And it was in the background when my man poped the question :D It's our song, *le sigh*

And second one (although I love majority of their music) is Everlasting friend. I went wild when I heard this live. It also reminds me of my husband. I'm listening to this when I miss him terribly.

If you haven't heard about BO, please check them out. They're really awesome ;)

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