sobota, 9 października 2010

Mesmerize vs My Boyfriend's Jeans

Na prośbę Uliny - porównanie My Boyfriend's Jeans i Mesmerize. MBJ to ciemniejszy niebieskie, nie granatowy ale tez nie tak jasny jak Mesmerize. Obydwa są dość niespotykane i śliczne :)

My friend ask, if I could do a comparison between this two shades. Ofc, I'd do this ;) MBJ is a little darker than Mesmerize. Both are unique and pretty :)

l-r (both pictures): Mesmerized, My Boyfriend's Jeans, Mesmerized, My Boyfriend's Jeans

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hermetic pisze...

thanks you for this comparison. I have Mesmerize and wondered about MBJ. Looks like I don't need it after all but I will probably get it once the collection arrives here. Great blog, btw, seems like we have similar taste in colors, I own many of these you post ;)

Lili pisze...

Yeah, they're similar, but like I used to say - no the same :D MBJ is a great color, and cheap - so when you'll have an occasion to buy it - buy it :D You'll be happy about this one ;)

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